Before I forget this night

It was so freaking fun! I haven’t had this much fun in such a long time! I danced pretty  much the entire time during the maine’s set, I’m so glad I got to see A rocket to the moon one last time! It’s so funny they were the first show I went to so I’m so glad to have seen them one more time. This Century was amazing live, Joel and Sean got so into it and Alex was jamming out as well. I was speechless when they harmonized in Hopeful Romantic. Man I forgot how much I loved them. I was jamming out to the songs I knew although I will admit I got some words wrong, sorry about that! hahaha. But anyways, I’m so glad Julia went and it was her first stand up show and she had such a great time and when John got in the center she and I stood on the steep slope wooden thingy and we could see the stage and the entire crowd and it was perfect. We were jamming out to the last couple of songs, I already forgot what they were. 

Love and Drugs was amazing live, These Four Words left me speechless, I pretty much recognized My Heroine before the people around me so i got really excited and they were looking at me weird. But that’s all I remember,
I think I made eye contact with Kennedy, Eric Halvorsen, Garrett maybeeee?? oh well, 

This was super duper fun and I’m so glad I didn’t get that job at Halal Guys

Oh yeah, John and Garrett kissed and John wore that horse mask and Garrett a tiara. He was the “ugliest princess” john had ever seen. 


If The Maine ever plays at Red Rocks I will do everything in my power to see them

I’ve realized that The Maine has literally been all over the world this year. I’m so happy for them, they deserve it.

Are really great

Are really great

Maybe the maine isn’t coming to austin and they’re just messing with us. That’d be really sad.

210 Plays

So follow the lines and I’ll be your guide.

Happy birthday black and white!


Happy 4th Birthday Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!

"Not regret, it’s funny to look back on it and laugh. You’re not allowed to do anything over. You either learn from it or you don’t or you grow from it or you don’t"

John O’Callaghan